Sunday, October 04, 2009

TBWCYL Day 277 - Bed Head

Have you ever had one of those days where you just thought, "Man, I could stay in bed all day and be as happy as ever"? Well, my task today was to do just that. I spent the entire day lounging in bed.

I slept downstairs where it was cooler and made my camp. I woke around 10 and jumped up to pee and feed the dogs. With a bowl of cereal in hand I returned to bed and booted up the computer to catch up on some TV. After spending a couple of hours in front of 'Community', 'Modern Family' and 'Cougar Town' I delved into my book and spent the next few hours reading.

Since cooking in bed seemed dangerous(though I considered it), I opted for snacking all day. I ate some almonds, then followed it up with the rest of a bag of Cheetos, followed by the roast beef from the sandwich package. I finally finished it all off with a few spoonfuls of peanut butter and a couple of gulps of milk.

I had opted not to shower and started to get pretty warm in the bedroom so I turned out all the lights and opened up the Netflix viewer to watch a movie. I have been waiting for Diana to go out of town so I could watch 'High School Musical 3' and I took my chance today. I don't care what people say about me as I am comfortable with the 13 year old girl I keep bottled up inside of me and I will admit that I even cried once. Go ahead and laugh if you like.

Diana returned from Oklahoma around 5 and came to visit me on my pillow top island. I started reading again and told her my self imposed exile would last until 7. Once done, I ran upstairs to shower. I was starting to get rank from marinating in my own filth and needed to clean up.

I don't really enjoy staying in bed so this was slightly annoying. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I really missed sitting in a chair. No matter how many pillows I used I couldn't get as comfortable as I would have liked. I did get a lot of reading done and spent a lot of time with the dogs which was pleasant.

That is all,


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ladytruth said...

I had quite a few couch days last week due to the bad weather and watched movies I've never heard of and some I wish I never heard of like that silly The Hills Have Eyes 2. I'm sure the dogs were happy about your bed day :)

mo.stoneskin said...

One of the funniest posts I've read in a while, especially the thought of you festering in your own filfth. The thing I HATE about bed lounging is exactly what you've touched on - the discomfort. The ideal of reading late into the night has always enticed me but the reality is that after 30 minutes of reading in bed I either have aching arms, an aching side or an aching belly.

Hmm, having read what I wrote it does sound a bit odd. Nevermind.

The Peach Tart said...

Sounds like my kind of day, reading and watching movies.

Trinity said...

Mo. I totally agree about bed lounging. I love sitting in a comfortable chair and reading all day or watching tv but it seems the second you add sheets to it, it becomes uncomfortable.

I don't mind reading in bed before going to sleep. It is a staple in our house that at least one of us reads before going to bed.

Addy's Daddy said...

You and your teeniebopper movies. Ella Enchanted... you are just not right!

Soda and Candy said...

I would love staying on the couch all day but yeah the bed gets a little too uncomfortable.

Marinating in one's own filth is less fun, maybe prep w/ a shower next time?
; )

Erin said...

I love days like this. Although as mentioned, the couch is preferable to the bed. I stayed home sick one day last week and watched Top Chef for ten hours in a row. It was everything I thought it could be. Well, minus the sick part.

Diana said...

It might be worth getting sick for 24 hours to a)stay home from work, b)crash on the couch all day, and c) watch Top Chef!!! As long as that sickness is not the flu.

Erin said...

Fortunately, not the flu - just a minor throat-on-fire incident that passed with relative calm.

And hours upon hours of Top Chef made it totally worth my pain and suffering.

Trinity said...

Diana is full of crap. She can't watch 10 hours of anything. She doesn't do mindless TV very often and if she were home all day she would just sleep and read. Don't let her fool you.

Diana said...

Ok, fine. 10 hours of reading sounds pretty damn good too!

Erin said...

Three cheers for reading!! Did you see the new Nick Hornby book that came out? Must dive into that one.

And Top Chef is not mindless. It's fascinating. And delicious-looking.

BrightenedBoy said...

What a way to spend a day. I like lazing about, too, but can only do it every once in a while because otherwise I start to feel depressed.

And I'm a 21-year-old guy who also teared up watching High School Musical 3, so don't fret.

Trinity said...

I knew there had to be at least one other dude out there who would admit to this.

Thanks for backing me up.