Friday, November 20, 2009

TBWCYL Day 323 - Cold Showers ahead

This stupid book is cruel. Just days ago it told me I had to take a cold shower as part of Discipline Day and the next thing I know, Day 323 rolls around and lo and behold, I am supposed to do it again. This time it is the only thing for the task but I didn't much care for doing it when I did it before so I wasn't looking forward to it.

We had another kickball game and The Good, The Bad, And the Ballzy won a second game, this time against Where My Pitches At?. Afterward, I came home and decided now was the perfect time for the shower. I flipped the water to cold, hesitated for an instant, and dove into the stall and while my nipples tried to shoot out.

This time it wasn't as bad, I am assuming because my body was warmed up from physical activity. I stayed in for about 4 minutes and rinsed the game off of me. Kickball isn't very active but there is a bit of running and some throwing so it can be slightly physical.

The shower was not unrefreshing and I cooled off which made getting in bed much easier because it meant I didn't lay there sweating trying to adapt to the bedroom temp. All in all a much better experience from last time.

That is all,


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