Monday, November 16, 2009

TBWCYL Day 320 - You're Welcome

No need to thank me, your comments are thanks enough. What am I talking about? You don't know? Oh, well today's task was to make sure I leave this world having left something behind to be remembered by. And you're reading it.

I started this blog as a joke. For anyone who has ever wondered about the name, Newt the Wonder Frog was a nickname my father gave me when I was younger but I have no idea if it has any other meaning. Since my dad is a huge jokester, I thought it fitting to use the name as the title for my blog.

I actually began this as a burn on my wife and my best friend because they both started blogs and I thought I would make fun of them for it. Little did I know I would be the one to rocket off and become a huge blogger while they post randomly and without any passion. Thomas, who I won't even link to because he hasn't posted in months, will occasionally get serious about his blog and ask for ideas then follow it up with two posts and silence for months before starting the cycle over. Diana, my wife, does post sporadically but is more analytical in nature and her blog lives on the side of real life, normally ours.

I can say that unless I become something more important than what I am in terms of my job, I doubt I will be writing a memoir of my life in printing. Instead, I put my life out there, its crazy thoughts mixed with a bit of what I find funny and topped off with my spin on things. I don't claim it is always good or even necessary but it is here and I have written over 700 posts, which just blows my mind sometimes.

I don't hold back on this blog, I am proud to say. I write what I think and don't censor things very often, which I can't say is unique on the blogosphere. I do risk a lot by putting my name on here but I throw caution to the wind and hope no future employer ever Googles me before an interview or I would have some explaining to do.

So, I count my blog as the thing I will leave behind. If it makes someone laugh occasionally or brightens someones day, then I am making a small impact on the world. If not, then at least I get the crazy down on screen instead of leaving it in my head, which is probably safer.

That is all,


6 Ripples in the pond:

mo.stoneskin said...

*chucks out an occasional laugh*

You could create a TBWCYL book out of this.

Actually, you could assign your readers tasks.

Though if you set the task of "lick a baboon's bum" or suchlike then I may not go through with it...

Carrie said...

For what it's worth, I'm glad you stuck with it. ;)

Addy's Daddy said...

I would try to come back with something witty in retaliation, but... you are right! There. I said it. Please don't make me say it again....

Soda and Candy said...

I think your blog is probably one of the better ones in terms of leaving a legacy because you have your change-your-life tasks( instead of just nonsense, poems and random whinging like mine)

; )

Erin said...

I love seeing your crazy thoughts all typed out. They frighten, disgust, amuse, and entertain me. Write on, Newt, write on.

Lola Lakely said...

If you had a Newt the Wonder Frog fan club, I would be in it. However, I couldn't be secretary or treasure because I don't believe in those menial tasks. But I would be in charge of making sure your blog gets left behind. Wait, that didn't sound right.