Sunday, November 08, 2009

TBWCYL Day 310 - Egomaniacal no more

Friday was a day where I was meant to put my own ego aside and think of others and that is just what I did. A few days ago a co-worker asked for my help in the realm of comic books and I used today to put aside my own problems and help him.

He has a nephew that is 10 and is a big fan of comic books. He reads them when he can and has a "finger quotes" collection "end finger quotes". I put that in because he really only has a few but he is working on it, and just as I was a tadpole so to is he, and his will one day grow into a real collection. That is where I came in.

My co-worker knows nothing about comics outside of what he has seen at the movies so he enlisted me to find the perfect present for a 10 year old comic book fan. Working at a comic book store allows for a lot of extra knowledge on younger audiences so I sat down on ebay and began searching for what I think he would like the best. I actually spent a good couple of hours of downtime plugging away at this. I still haven't found exactly what to get but I have a budget and until Christmas to get something so I am not worried.

And I know that when he hands his nephew whatever it is He will be a hero and I am happy to help him. Take that Ego! You beautiful bastard!

That is all,


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