Monday, February 27, 2006

Space Fish

I was standing at the toilet today, taking a leak when a thought popped into my head that I am dying to know the answer to. Fact: there is no oxygen in space. Fact: there is oxygen in water. Question: If you put a goldfish in a bowl of water and put it in space, could it survive? Now I know what your thinking, actually I don't have a clue what you are thinking but since most people lead with that when they offer their opinion, I thought I would use it and so it stands....Of course a fish would die. But I disagree. There are a few variables to my reasoning but I really think its founded.

You have to assume that the water will stay in the bowl, though I can only imagine that it would by use of a lid. The life span of the fish would still be in serious jeopardy due to the small amount of O in the H2O equation...but really, Goldfish only live like 15 minutes anyway, and without gravity, there is a likely chance that the water would part and poor little goldie would just float in waterless space, just inches from the water that could save his life.

Now why hasn't NASA in all of their infinite wisdom, discovered if fish are viable space creatures. If we ever do populate another planet, you damn well know there's gonna be fishing on it.

So the next time you are standing at a toilet, taking a piss(or sitting if you're so inclined) just consider that a fish might be able to survive in a galaxy far, far away.

That is all


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