Sunday, February 26, 2006


So I was just curious, when did MTV start standing for Manufactured Teenage Viewing? I know that I was just a kid, but I remember when MTV actually played music, and not as a request show, and not during the ending credits for a dating program. Don't misunderstand, I love Next and I get sucked in to all of the stupid game shows that they have, but unless you get up around 4 am, you won't see a band on the network.

What brings this up is a new show we caught yesterday called Date My Mom. The premise for this show, and oh is it a good one, is that a suitor will go on a date with three mothers and on the basis of the date pick one of them and date their child. I'm not sure if this is only males dating moms for their daughters or if there is also some girl on mom action, but the two episodes we watched, yes two, both featured guys.

I would really like to meet the jackass that craps these ideas out. Clearly he is a genius because he hit on a guilty pleasure of ours and has mass produced it to great commercial success. I've got an idea for him if I ever do meet him. Its called Date my Pussy! Contestants will be given three Cats and will have to take them for a play date and then decide which owner he wants to date. Given the title, I know viewership will be through the roof as all 13 year olds will tune in on the assumption that MTV has taken dating up a notch.

Come on MTV, lets get real. Quit shitting out a bunch of programs that have nothing to do with music and maybe feature an actual song or two. Please!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise I just might have to say Next!

That is all


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