Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hey Assfaces!

Hello Again, I have just one thing to say to all of you Assfaces that decide to make a blog "because you have something to say" and then stop after a couple of postings, Stop It. One, you have a commitment to the world to put out there your stupid ass opinions, and B, you annoy the livinig hell out of me because you have jumped on a bandwagon and let everyone know you have a blog, which of course means that they check all of the time to see if its updated and its not. Now that was a run on sentence!!! Do the world a favor and cut it out. I mean seriously, can you not sit down for five minutes and shit out a little something to let everyone know that you realize they are pathetically checking to see what tiny tidbit of info you have to contribute to their daily lives? This message is really only for Diana (my lady), and more importantly Thomas (my hetero-life mate).

That is all

1 Ripples in the pond:

Thomas said...

Hey Biznitch! Watch out about throwing me in with your ghetto lady-friend about the blog stuff. You know that mine is labled as whyblogdoihave.blogspot.com (which, to anyone reading this, you should definitely check it out because it will rock the left-side of your face off!) and that I am not actually posting.... yet! Later life-mate!