Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Olympics

So we are now in the last leg of the Olympics and with only a few days left until closing ceremonies, I have to ask, "Does anybody really give one hair off the left side of their ass that they are going on?" I mean seriously, will it really make one bit of difference if Bode Miller makes the jump or not? OH! By the way, Bode Miller is one huge wad of disappointment. Sorry Bode, its true. I want my regular TV back. With all of this icy crap on, I haven't had my weekly fix of the programs that really matter. So in Honor of the Olympics, I will now honor metals to those who should really be on NBC.

To the Office, I give thee a Gold Metal
To Scrubs, I give thee a Gold Metal
To My Name is Earl, I give the a Silver Metal (though only because of that slight drop in the leg for your short program)

Let that crappy trumpeted Olympic song play on as we soon rejoin our regular programing.

That is all


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