Monday, February 27, 2006

Ms. Pac-Man = Hottie

Is it just me or is Ms. Pac-Man the perfect woman? Think about it. She's single (Note the Ms. not Mrs.), she is a girl thats not afraid to eat, she keeps a decent diet (she gets her 5 a day, look at all those fruits she eats), and she is all curves. Plus she stays fit, everytime I see her she's working out.

I've got to think shes great in bed too. I mean the possibilities for that mouth of her's alone are SOOOOO Hot!!! And the best thing about Ms. Pac-Man is she is a cheap date. It only takes a quarter to turn her on. Get it?

In this day and age it is so hard to find a good woman, and thats why I wish there were more classic women around like Ms. P. She makes my joystick wiggle. WHAT A WOMAN!!!!

That is all,


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