Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pan's Labrynth - A review

Have you ever found a movie that really changed the way you look at a genre? Something that mixed things that you would otherwise never put together, and do it in a way that made sense and told an awesome story? Well, Diana and I went to see a foreign film today by director Guillermo del Toro called Pan's Labyrinth.

It is set after the Spanish Civil War, following a young girl who discovers she is actually the princess of a magical kingdom. She must complete three tasks to open the doorway and enter her kingdom. All the while, a revolution is being fought around her as she must deal with her mothers dangerous pregnancy and a Stepfather who is Captain of the Spanish Army.

This story is not for the squeamish. The violence is on par with Pulp Fiction or, more recently, Sin City. It is a unique blend of Fantasy, Violence, and Tragedy. The story is really interesting and keeps you involved. Sadly, this is a limited release so you might just want to go add it to your Netflix. Unless you are in a large metropolitan area, you probably won't get to see this; and that is your loss. 5 Star movie.

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P.S. It is subtitled. If you can't read and watch a movie then don't even bother. Hopefully I don't know anyone like that, but you can never tell.

4 Ripples in the pond:

Teri said...

It is actually playing here in Lubbock and the theatre was packed last night. Excellent movie.

Trinity said...

Amazing. Hub City got something this foreign. Glad you liked it. This means that Thomas has no excuse for not seeing it.

Thomas said...

I plan to go this week or this weekend! Thanks to Teri for letting me know it is here! Otherwise I would have missed it... I don't usually look to see what movies are out since most of the ones recently have been pretty crappy....

Thomas said...

It was a very good movie! Jess and I saw it last night!