Thursday, January 11, 2007

Et tu Satchel Bag?

Well, apparently Hazel reads my blog because when I got home last night I smelled poo. A flower vase was knocked over and flowers were strung all over the house. The bathroom trash was dug out and I saw our back bedroom open. I opened the door and sitting on the floor was my Spider-man Satchel Bag covered in dog crap.

This wasn't one turd either. This was a large number of turds. I had to pick them up and it made a hand full. I couldn't believe it. Needless to say, she is being crated today as punishment. As for my satchel bag, it smells like poop and I don't know how to wash it.

That is all,


2 Ripples in the pond:

Thomas said...

Man, you really must have done something to make her not happy with you! When did you decide to stop crating her? We tried that with our two last week and we didn't have any "pooh" incidents, though they did decide to tear up everything in Jess' work bag and chew/eat everything on our night stands, to include a water bottle, chapstick, and two dried roses... HOORAY! (they are now back in their crates...)

your dogs turds said...

Hola again vato! Man that is one pissed off bitch! Let her lick your balls and you two can make up, ese. There is nothing like make up ball licking, man. It will be muchos bueno for both of you.

As for washing your bag, just turn it inside out, pop it in the washing machine by itself, use and entire cup of laundry detergent (cause we all know how dog shit stinks), then let it air dry. That should take care of the problem.

Anyways, thanks again for cleaning us up, man. Hasta manana.

Peace Out ..............