Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I went have gone to Whataburger for lunch the last two days and on separate occasions I have seen separate, yet amazing events.

The first thing I saw caused me to stare. I was leaving to go back to work and was sitting in my truck when I looked up. My rearview mirror was blocking the face of a man but his body was quite apparent. Imagine a man in a black polo shirt of about 230 to 250 pounds. His shirt was tucked in and he was waiting for someone to get out of the car. Now the amazing thing about this was that his body was normal until it hit his belly. I can only imagine that this guy has somehow drastically lost a lot of weight and his skin just hadn’t tightened up. He had somehow tucked in about 30 lbs of fatty skin into his shirt and when you looked at the guy, you would think that an average guy had taken a large towel and tucked it under his shirt. As he stood there, I just watched him and could see his belly button facing straight towards the ground. That’s how nasty the fat was.

The second thing I saw happened today. I was sitting in the restaurant and looked over at the table next to me because the woman that was sitting there had gotten up and left her tray. I thought that was kinda rude but when I looked at the tray I saw a dollar bill sitting on the tray. Now, I worked fast food for quite a while and have never seen anyone leave a tip when they left their tray. Maybe somebody else has seen this, but when did it become necessary to leave a tip at the Whataburger? I am not saying that it is a bad thing for someone to do this but is it called for?

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