Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Byron Nelson

I went to the grocery store this afternoon, and low and behold they were giving out parking passes. I have been going to this store for a while now and usually it doesn't have enough people there to stop me from getting a front spot, but today two big black guys were stopping cars because The Byron Nelson Golf Tournament is going on and all of the surrounding areas are being patrolled to stop people from stealing a parking spot.

On the way to the store, I saw two separate sets of lawn chairs and home made signs offering tickets to the Tournament. These were on consecutive corners in a residential neighborhood. Then, as I was leaving the store, an entire lane was blocked off to get to the course. Hell, even our apartment complex has a sign saying No Parking.

I am not very familiar with golf so maybe I am just unaware, but is it really necessary to scalp tickets to a golf game? I know this is one of the bigger tournaments but it never occurred to me that someone would be that interested in the thing to have to buy a golf ticket from a redneck from his front yard. Then again, I really don't enjoy golf, but if there is a scalper selling for the next comic book convention send me the address.

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Kristy said...

Gotta love Byron Nelson/Taste of Addison/3rd of 7 Mavs vs. Spurs game weekend!