Friday, May 19, 2006

Scrubs - a Rant

So, I have purchased Seasons 1-3 of Scrubs and just a few minutes ago, I finished the final episode of Season two. A little history for you. When Scrubs started I was a casual watcher. It came on right after Frasier and something was on opposite it on another network so I only watched it when I didn't have anything else on. The episode that got me hooked was the Christmas Episode from Season 2 and I haven't turned back.

I think the thing about the show that really connects with people is how real it is. While watching Season 1, you really feel how desperate and emotional the lives of the doctors are. In subsequent seasons, you watch the characters grow into who they are today. I personally connect with all of the random fantasy sequences because I have been in similar situations where my mind would wander off into places it shouldn't have been.

Anyway, back to why I love this show. In the Christmas Episode for Season 2, J.D. goes out with a girl while Elliot gets kicked out of her apartment. At the end of the episode, Elliot agrees to stay at J.D.s until she can get back on her feet. At the end of the show, J.D. rushes Elliot and they make out and have sex. I remember this especially well because up until that point, none of the episodes I had seen touched upon the previous attempt for the couples attempt at a relationship. The coolest thing about this show, and the quote is something I remember to this day, was that at the end Elliot said "Merry Christmas" and J.D. responded, "It's just what I wanted."

It was that moment that I thought they had a chance, and even though in the next couple of episodes they broke it off I didn't care, because I felt the attraction. I actually felt it. Not many shows can pull off that kind of an emotional response. As an adult I watch the DVDs with a new appreciation. I relate on a large scale to the twenty-something as they deal with life. I relive first kisses, and second kisses that shouldn't have been. I watch the death and learn more about how important life is. I hear Dr. Cox' rants and know that, though he is speaking to J.D., that in reality their is something to be learned from what he is saying.

The point is, I watch an episode of Friends and, yeah, I might laugh a little and, sure, I wanted Ross and Rachel to be together but when I watch any episode of Scrubs I actually think I might be better for it. I only own a few different TV series on DVD. Partly this is because I can't imagine sitting around one day and going "I sure would like to watch episode 13 of Party of Five Season 2. But this is a show that I care enough about that I knew I had to own.

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