Thursday, May 04, 2006

Civil War

Normally, I don’t go into what is going on in comic books, but there is a new limited series that came out yesterday that has been getting a lot of media attention and I know that no one is going to read it even though I recommend it, but here it is.

Civil War came out yesterday from Marvel Comics. The story revolves around a school getting blown up and around 3,000 kids get killed. The explosion is caused by a super villain who gets attacked by a group called the New Warriors. The warriors are, in super hero terms, wet behind the ears and are not on the level of Nitro the exploding man. What results is the Superhero Registration Act.

The act simply states that every hero is forced to reveal their identity to the government and will have sanctions held against them. The problem? Well, half of the Marvel Universe is for registration and half is against. What results is a Civil War between heroes. There are promises that teams get split, heroes battle each other, and similar to the Vietnam War, there are defectors that flee to Canada.

This story is an interesting dynamic where heroes will be labeled villains and some villains will be used to hunt down the heroes they used to battle. The story is in 7 parts that make up the entire series and will cross over into specific titles as well as a couple of mini series. This is a series that will actually change the Marvel Universe and have Captain America fighting against his own government and Iron Man leading the pro-registration-ers against the anti-registration heroes. If anyone wants to read a great comic mini series, this may be the one to try.

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2 Ripples in the pond:

Thomas said...

Hey man... this mini-series sounds awesome! I might need to go pick that up...

Did you say that the first issue came out this week? Do you think that it will be sold out already? How many total issues, including crossovers into individual titles, do you think it will be in?

Trinity said...

No It wont be sold out. Anyone can go to and look at the Civil War checklist but you dont have to read any of the corresponding material to enjoy the mini. I will though.