Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"We are searching for the Holy Grail"

Searching for the Holy Grail was something King Arthur was infamous for. I am no Artie, but I have also been known to get on the occasional quest and this week has been no exception. Some examples of my exploits involve forcing my mother to go to every McDonalds in Odessa, TX to try to find the White Power Ranger figure from the Happy Meal (though in my defense it was the only one I lacked to complete the collection), purchasing every Neil Gaiman Hardback novel in one week, and of course, collecting comic books. The last one is an every growing fixation that has never been quenched and no matter how many I have, there is always one elusive issue that evades my.

This week, I went on a rampage and decided I needed to collect and read every issue of Invincible by Robert Kirkman. For any of you who don’t know what this book is, well it is a superhero book that revolves around a child of the world’s most famous super hero who gains powers and goes into the family business. It is hailed by critics on a daily basis and the trades and hardcover are all in bookstores now.

Anyway, I went out and bought the hardback to get the 1st 13 issues because they are extremely expensive and hard to find. I also blew my wad…of money that is, on issues 14-31...except for issue 20. Why not issue 20 you ask? Well, because issue 20 sold out a while back and it is currently not on any comic book web site or physical store in Dallas or any other web based store that I can find. And its driving me crazy.

So, to go back to my Holy Grail analogy, this weeks Holy Grail is Invincible #20 and as soon as I find it, there will be a new one. My obsessive compulsive personality really shows when it comes to collecting comic books and if only I could channel that energy into other things I would be a successful, famous, and rich individual. But as it is, I am an overweight, semi successful, shmuck who has one kick ass comic convention.

That is all,


By the way, if anyone has an issue of Invincible #20 then please let me know.

2 Ripples in the pond:

Thomas said...

How's that budget doing for you, huh? WEAK!

I mean that both about your not being able to stop yourself from buying things and that comment... it was LLLAAAAMMMMEEEEE... but its all I got!

Trinity said...

That budget is still in place...and that place is March when last it was seen. But I am still afloat so theres always that.