Monday, May 08, 2006

Free Comic Book Day

So, Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and it was also CAPE2. CAPE2 was the second annual Comics and Pop Culture Expo. It brought in quite a few known writers and artists and quite a few independent lables under one roof for the public to come meet and get cool sketches and signatures.

I personnaly went to meet Bryan Hitch, who draws the ever popular Ultimates and was lucky enough to get him to sketch me a Thing penciling. Scott Kurtz was also there and I got a Thing sketch from him as well. I got to meet quite a few artists and writers that I am familiar with, but I won't bore you with who because I know you wouldn't care.

One of the most interesting things about CAPE2 was the live art exibition that was put on at the Metro Grill on Saturday evening. Three artists came up to earn some money for the convention by creating paintings and drawings in front of an audience. The artists were unknown to me but the show itself was really interesting to see and I ended up walking off with a markered drawing of Doctor Octopus and Spiderman which was really funny.

The art of a comic book convention is in the audience. A number of people are art fans, some are comic book nerds, and alot of people are just normal. Now this convention was a little bit different but normally an eclectic group of people in costumes are walking around. That didn't happen at CAPE but it isn't a rare occurance, and just to make the weekend right I went to one of the local Lone Star comics and the girl there was dressed as Princess Amidala. Really.

Well, I got to meet a few of the people whos work I love, and got to see some real comic fans and a lot of amazing art so my weekend was freakin' awesome and on that note...

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