Saturday, July 01, 2006

I am a teenage girl

This afternoon, I decided since everyone had left for the weekend, leaving me all alone that I would take in a movie. What did I go see but the new Anne Hathaway film "The Devil Wears Prada" Most of you that know me can attest to my love of teen flicks. This movie is alittle to that vein and the estrogen level of the movie could be felt in the theatre as I was the only male in there.

No matter the stars, the movie was good. It was the coming of age story of a girl who gets a job at a fasion magazine and her trials in realizing what she wants out of her life. It was very formulaic but otherwise enjoyable. But no, it was no Ella Enchanted.

I also snuck in to "Click." Yes it was wrong of me to watch the movie without paying but really, it was "Click." Another six bucks to watch a movie about a man who gets to see how he doesn't appreciate his life and realizes it too late, then wakes up from the dream he is having so he can change it all. It's been done and Hollywood still hasn't figured out how to fix it.

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