Thursday, July 06, 2006

Reading is Fun...demental

I have been rather lacking in this weeks blogs. Sorry about that. That stupid Holiday has made me all turned around. So, I wanted to post today about people who don't read. These people, and I term them "Stupid", are the people that "Just wait for the movie" or "Don't like to read."

I am going to stand on my soap box for this post. I know that it would be too much to ask that every person read a book. Hell, I would be happy if everyone set a goal that they read one book a year. But that doesn't happen. I wish I knew the statistics on how many people over the age of 18 have read one book in their adult lives. You would be surprised at how low that number probably is.

Why is it so difficult for someone to read a 300 page novel but the level of laziness is high enough that they can sit and watch four hours of whatever drivel is on TV? I firmly believe that there is a book out there for everyone. Now trying to find it poses the problem. I can pick up a novel and not be able to put it down. Why can't other people?

The level of stupidity in America is rising daily and I can, with great confidence, say that it is due to people having a negative attitude to read. Maybe we should reinstitute the Book It program, but for adults. For every book they read, they get a free bottle of beer...or something like that. Being an avid reader, it really pisses me off when I know without a shadow of a doubt, that if I asked a coworker if they had read so and so book, that their answer is no.

There, now I feel a little bit better. I think I will relax and finish the book I am reading.

That is all,


2 Ripples in the pond:

Thomas said...

What brought this on? I totally agree, though, as you are well aware. You get so much more from a book than you ever will from a movie, because of the format of being able to capture things that don't translate on film and because you have actually invested time and energy in getting to know the characters. It is much like getting to know a real person and how much more fulfilling that will be than just meeting someone and moving on. Damn you, Soap Box!

Signed, Pretentious.

Trinity said...

This came from Diana's "Little Sister" saying that she doesn't like to read. I just can't get in that mindset. And I did finish my book. And then I started another.