Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Flashback: Fieldtrip to the Luxor

Well, for those of you who don't know, I used to keep a journal. I replaced it with this blog, so you should all be grateful for your involvemnt. It was very simple, consisting of one of those black and white College Composition books. I decided today I would reach back into those journals and share a day that was very interesting. Looking back, I read how incredibly crappy my day to day life was, but sometimes interesting little tidbits occur. Hell, if this works out I might do more of these. So I present to you "June 5th 2004. My commentary will be in red.

"Diana and I went to the Luxor tonight with Dan. I tried to get everyone else to go but they wouldn't.(My friends suck) After Erin's party, I came home and got ready and laid down to rest until it was time to go. Diana called and told me she was tired and tried to weasel out of going. I got ticked off and told her she didn't have a choice.(You hear that? That was the whip cracking) She came over and we left. We had to stop by the ATM and while we were there, Diana's card got stuck in the machine.(Only on the way to a gay club would the ATM eat a card) Dan paid our way in and we had a lot of fun.(Thanks Dan)
This was the 1st gay bar I'd ever been to and it was interesting. It was really dark and there were screens showing men dancing and kissing together.(They were also doing other things but I didn't mention it at the time) The bartender was cool. He would bow to us every time he made a drink.
Dan, Diana and I all danced to Techno, which I am surprisingly decent at. She and Dan get along great and I sat out some with Dan's friend Brandy and a cop named Officer Kissime(His actual name, not a stage name) who bought us a shot. We were sweaty and tired by the time we left but came home and had mind blowing sex for an hour.(This is what I wrote, I did not doctor this so apparently I must be an excellent lover)"

So this is what I wrote the first time I went to a gay bar. Looking back on it, it really was an awesome experience and I am glad I wrote it down. Especially when I am short on creativity for the Lily Pad.

That is all,


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