Monday, July 17, 2006

The Inlaws is comin'

Well, its finally happening. Diana's mom and stepdad are coming to visit. They never made it to our old apartment and now they are finally stopping into town for a couple of days to do some sightseeing and go to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor.

This visit, of course, means that we will inevitably have to clean. Luckily we have other guests coming this weekend so cleaning was already on the agenda. I always have a problem when people come to visit because I am never sure how to entertain them.

My dad came a while back and, while I think he had fun, I was constantly uneasy about making sure that he was enjoying himself. Lucky for me, Diana's parents aren't coming to stay with us, just visiting for the evening. I am all together positive that I couldn't keep them entertained all weekend.

I suppose going to dinner will be an easy way to get their visit taken care of, though I am sure that I will only hear conversation about the wedding(which can't come fast enough in my opinion). Plus we will be having two 14 year olds as Diana's stepdad is bringing his daughter and a friend. Wheee!!!

Oh what joy I have to look forward to on Wednesday. I guess comic book day will have to be postponed until Thursday.

That is all,


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Critterknit said...

So how did the Inlaw visit go?

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