Thursday, July 27, 2006

Birthday Syndrome

Well, as many of you know my old lady had a birthday yesterday. She turned a whoppin' 24 and I am right behind her. So as I was getting a cup of coffee at work this morning I thought of something. You know how when you ask someone on their birthday how it feels to be (insert age here) and they say "Feels the same as when I was (year younger than age previously inserted)? Well I thought "Do we ever feel older?"

Think about it for just a second, I didn't. If every time you ask someone "How's it feel" and they always answer "Same as before" then we must never feel older. I feel fairly confident in making the blanket statement that everyone answers this question with the same answer, so it is now scientifically proven by me that we do not feel aging.

Now, sure if you ask how it feels to be 24 compared to 12 then you will get a different answer. For one thing, you will now have pubes. But if every year, you don't feel different than the day before, a time line will prove that at age 24 you feel the same as age 12.

Science is Awesome!

That is all,


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Thomas said...

Stick to English, Darwin.

Mom-in-Law said...

Diana Happy B-Day my birthday is July 27 I turned 51

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