Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Hometown - The Second Battle in the War of the Newts

We have come to the second battle in the War of the Blogs. This week’s battle topic is “My Hometown”. So, read my post, head over to my enemy’s blog, and vote for the winner in this week’s battle.

Have you ever seen the movie or the TV show “Friday Night Lights”? Congratulations, you have been to my home town. You see, I am from Midland, Texas, aka, the childhood home of George W. Bush, the 43rd President of these United States. Damn straight!

Honestly though, I do come from a town of about 130,000 people, about half of whom I went to high school with. You see, for all its wonderful traits Midland, Texas is a black hole of despair and disappointment.

I like to joke that Midland is where you grow up, go to school, and…well that is it. If you don’t have a baby from the best three years of your life otherwise known as High School, than you were fat, ugly, or intelligent. Please categorize yourself..

I do have fond memories of my birthplace. It was where I whiled away the hours journeying to and from my Granny’s house every week, spent summers riding bikes with Thomas, and categorized the different Rednecks in their native habitats. Honestly, it is still the place I call home, even though I have lived almost a 6th of my life outside of it.

The pros to growing up in Midland, Texas:

  1. We had a water park…in the middle of Southern Texas. It was Water Wonderland and when you live in an area where summer temps reach the 100 degree mark, it was better known as Paradise.
  2. My entire family lived there. That could be considered a con, but when you grow up with both sides of your entire family living in or around the city, it brings a level of closeness that I know my kids will be deprived of, and for that a part of me is sad.
  3. Nothing was far enough away that I couldn’t get there on my bike. Now, that isn’t to say things weren’t a distance, but I was known to ride the entire length of town to go as far as the comic book store or as close as the 7-11. Having this option as a kid was a key experience in my childhood.
  4. Texas Motor Speedway. I would bum along with Thomas and his family, and we would head out to the local dirt track to watch local race car drivers crash into each other. Mostly Thomas and I would go walk underneath the bleachers looking for fallen cash and wallets, but it was a thrill. My dad even did Demolition Derby there.

The cons consisted of…

  1. Living in an area where High School Football was king. Mind you, I was a chubby comic book nerd, so things weren’t stacked in my favor, but the fact that on any Friday night, dumbasses from all over the city congregated to a football field and were overcome with pride for a bunch of grunts in Purple and Gold really chapped my ass. My school was Purple and Gold. Go Bulldogs!!!
  2. The town was small enough it only had “One”. By that I mean we had one movie theatre (not counting the discount show), one comic book store (except in the mid 90’s when there was an odd abundance), and one Wal-Mart, and by that I don’t mean Super. Things got more plentiful as the years progressed but there is still only a Barnes & Noble and a Hastings by way of book stores, and Hastings is a movie rental place as well.
  3. Teen Pregnancy Rates. I am going to make up a statistic and say that during my years in high school, Midland entered the National Teen Pregnancy Hall of Fame. I wouldn’t doubt it. It seems like everyone was having sex…except for me. Not that I wanted a baby, mind you, but I wouldn’t have turned away the practice.
  4. Midland seems to be the buckle on the Bible Belt. Church and Midland were two peas in a pod. I am highly unreligious, but I went to church because I dated, and if you wanted a girlfriend that wasn’t a weirdo, you were probably dating a church girl. Oh, how I wanted a weirdo. Almost every serious girlfriend I had in high school belonged to a church. A Baptist church. I went to more Easter plays, youth group meetings, and Sunday services than I can remember. Ah, the power of the Lord (and by Lord I mean French Kissing).

So, that is my hometown. I honestly loved growing up there and doubt I would be as freakin’ awesome as I am if I had come from anywhere else. Growing up in a Southern Texas town allowed me to rebel into my nerdy world and still not need to turn to drugs and heavy metal to be different. When you walk into school with an Iron Man t-shirt on, you can feel confident no one else is going to be wearing it too.

That is all,


7 Ripples in the pond:

Erin said...

I appreciate the humor and accompanying pictures to crazy newt's posting...but enjoyed Trinity's broader approach to "hometown" vs. crazy newt's more specific tourist angst. So for the post itself...crazy newt. But for relating to topic matter...Trinity. Meaning the opposite sides of my brain cancel each other out and I vote for no one. Is that allowed? If it gets tight (crazy newt's blowing you away right now, Trin!), then I can make myself decide. =)

Addy's Daddy said...

Sadly, I must vote for Crazy Newt's post. I enjoyed yours, Trin, but the fact that you mentioned Friday Night Lights like it was Midland (though I know it is just like Odessa in the football regards), you said Midland was in South Texas (what the hell?!?! I'm pretty sure Midland is in West Texas!), and you repeatedly capitalized high school and football, makes me have to vote for the other guy.

Your own personal Benedict Arnold

Trinity said...

Well, I capitalized High School on purpose. As for the South Texas, my bad. I was trying to show that High School and Football are sort of like different states. Just as you would capitalize Ohio, so too must I capitalize High School.

Erin said...

Thomas, I kindly thank you for your remarks on capitalization.

Lola Lakely said...

I may be biased because he had me at Friday Night Lights, but I'm going with Trinity.

However, CrazyNewt gets bonus points for using effective visual aids.

Lizz said...

My dear, Trinity,
I must say I am biased in all of this but I will also say I started to read you first and I think that I may like you more just because you are not Canadian... I dont have anything against Canadians but I do have this thing about Texas. I LOVE TEXAS!
So for everything (even that of stupidity) I vote for you!

Trinity said...

Ok, going for a tally of Blog War Post 2 we have

Trinity - 3 votes

Dave - 7 votes.

Unless we have a swing by tomorrow, it looks like CrazyNewt wins Round 2.

It all comes down to the last Post.