Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aspects of WAR!

To my enemy, the fake Newt.

Here is my proposal for the ensuing war that will be making you cry in your bathtub while all of your Canadian musicians play in the background.

We each write three separate posts about certain topics. We agree to post these at the same time so as to not give a fair advantage to the other person. I suggest topics in the vein of "
Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll" or "Things you don't talk about such as Sex, Taxes and Politics" as our topic ideas. I welcome your thoughts, or not so much welcome them as hold mild disdain for them.

We then open up the floor for comments and have people vote for their favorite. That may be unfair as I have more followers at the moment so I would like to know your ideas. We can have them pick winners for each category. I will demand impartiality from my blog friends but they love me so I can only do so much.

Winner takes all...mind you I won't be changing my name but will add Steve to it as promised.



10 Ripples in the pond:

CrazyNewt said...

Oh, it's on. And I'm more than willing to let your masses of followers vote freely. You see, I'm much more lovable.

How's about one post a week, posted every wednesday - you can determine the time, and I'll just postdate my entries.

As for Topics... hm. I'll have to get back to you on that one. Maybe your lovely readers have some suggestions?

and no, I'm not sucking up to win votes. Not at all. I just think they're all, um, lovely people.


CrazyNewt said...

Got one topic: "My Hometown" - a describe the world around you sort of thing.

I guess you get a topic, and then we'll either let the lovely readers have a pic, or if that falls through, grab one of our tags ("Bathroom Humour", "Movies", etc...) and use that as the third topic? Preferably a tag we have both already created.

Sangeeta said...

How about something pretty? Like love? The Rain? Happiness? Crapping in shopping bags?

Ok the last one's not pretty, but... you get it, right?

Tophat said...

Video Games Gone Wrong!

Sangeeta said...

Hey! that's good too!!

Trinity said...

Ok, I accept My Hometown and I will take my topic as "Awesome Memory".

Third one can be from the suggestions. I will let you decide this. Maybe you should email me and we can communicate all of this outside of these comments.

Once we get all the details and times set we can post the details on both blogs and the battles can begin.

Simon said...

Oh, please. You have clearly created the ‘fake’ Newt yourself in an effort to boost your readership. I admit my knowledge of foreign dialects is weak, but do you expect us to believe that a Canadian would use words like ‘thang’, and ‘gaddang gubmint’?

Admit it. Stop this sham now.

Trinity said...

Simon, While I can see why you might think that was happening, in fact I would never make a Canadian pseudonym. I have better taste than that.

Lola Lakely said...

I vote for videogames gone wrong! That sounds like good fun!

CrazyNewt said...

A) Crap! Simon's on to us (me).

B) I like the topics... let them be "Awesome Memories", "My Hometown", and "Videogames Gone Wrong".

C) I guess we should set up times for posting? I was thinking at 12 PM Eastern Time, every saturday - one post a week. And then after each post, the readers can vote on whose was better.... and announce the winner on the fourth weekend of the blogwar?

d) E-mail has been sent your way. Er, "our" way? I'm confused.

e) So, alright, let's do this thang, even if the gaddang gubmint gets in our way!