Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bored Games

I think I am broken. Somewhere in the last 10 to 15 years something snapped in my head and made a part of me stop working correctly. I didn't even notice, like gaining a single pound, it just happened. Such a miniscule thing. I can't win at checkers anymore.

I kid you not that I was amazing at checkers as a child. Maybe a checkers prodigy. I beat everyone and could see the moves that had to be made well in advance. I taught myself chess but never have been very good at paying attention to all the pieces and their movements. I enjoyed the undertaking and once in a blue moon I won, but checkers was always there saying, "Oh, that chess is too fickle. Come play with me," and I would.

A few years ago I saw a glimpse that something had changed. Erin and I played a game of checkers at a restaurant with a checker board that had no pieces. We used pennies and I lost! Multiple games! Lost!

I wrote it off as pennies not being a good way to play. I couldn't keep my pieces separate from hers because the only difference was we each used a side of the penny. I was confident that I was still a checkers champion. I WAS WRONG!

I have a iPhone app for checkers and play it all the time. I have won twice. I might win more if I was the first move, who knows, but the point is that I lost that spark that made me great. Where did it disappear to? Have you seen it? If you do, please send it back my direction.

I feel like I have been double jumped by a chimpanzee.

That is all,


3 Ripples in the pond:

Erin said...

Alas, I never challenged you again after that fateful was as though I saw that certain spark go out of your eye. I'm so sorry, Trin. I'll make sure it didn't fall into my purse or anything - it would suck if I've been carrying it around all this time.

Bea said...

I think it must be a family trait, Twinity, I used to win the occasional checkers game in my younger days; now, I am lucky if I can remember which colour my pieces are.

I hope that there is some kind of medical research into this phenomenon. Otherwise, I think our champion checkers days are behind us. That is, unless we play each other...

Trinity said...

Oh my god. Your back. I can't believe it. I missed you so much Bea. I now must go play catch up to your lovely words.