Friday, December 04, 2009

Busted - A Post about being a nerd and a compulsive shopper

I think I made a grave error in judgement. Remember a few weeks ago when I was helping my coworker find a comic related gift for his nephew? Well, that kind of backfired on me. It started innocently enough. I got on ebay to look for something for his nephew and found a few things. If you haven't ebayed before you might not realize this, but sellers ususally sell more than one thing. It is old hat that when you are buying something from a seller that you usually just check out his or her other auctions to see what else they are selling so if you are interested you can buy more and save on the shipping.

All in all this is usually a good idea but when you are Newt the Wonder Frog, things can turn a little froggy and that is when you know you are in a bad place. I found an auction for him and did just as I said, checking the other availible items when I came across this beauty.

Meet the Mole Man. He is a Fantastic Four villian and was only $9.99. How could I turn it down? Well, I couldn't and this was the match that lit the dynamite that ended with me finding over $300 in mini-busts from three different sellers and a huge drop in my personal spending. Below is the rest of my haul.




The Lizard

Kraven the Hunter

Morbius the Living Vampire

Black Cat

The Vulture


Hulk - Grey Version

The Beast


Bucky the sidekick to Captain America


The Absorbing Man

I was so excited to put them up on display for my shelves, or most of them anyway. The Wonder Frog Sculpture Gallery now has a Fantastic Four and Spiderman display. The original Avengers exhibit has been retired for now.

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6 Ripples in the pond:

Erin said...

You're insane. Well, actually, I guess you're just very committed to what you love. Will everything actually be on a shelf one day, or are you always going to have to store things away in boxes?

The Mole guy reminded me of the Czech mole. He was a cutie, even if he did show us a little more than we wanted to know about the miracle of life.

Trinity said...

I know I am crazy. One day everything will be out but not today. There isn't enought shelf space but one day I expect to be able to get more shelves and more room for them.

Soda and Candy said...

That is really cool.
I love the Wolverine one and how he's scratched his pedestal!
Also, Bucky looks like the worst sidekick ever.

Trinity said...

S&C - Bucky is a cool teen sidekick during the war. He died.

Addy's Daddy said...

How much was that Beast? I have been wanting that one!

Do you have Dr. Octopus? If so, you have almost every incarnation of the Sinister Six.

Trinity said...

I got the Beast as part of a lot so it was around 25. As for the Sinister Six, I did already have Dr. Octopus and Green Goblin so there is a villianous montage up not and underneath it all is JJ Jameson looking disgusted.