Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer Concert Series Part Deux

Well, if you read my last blog, and who didn't, you know that the VAUGHN SUMMER CONCERT SERIES 2008 has officially kicked off. So, Thursday night, my lovely wife and I journeyed to the heart of Dallas to see one of the bands the kids are all listening to, Augustana.

Now, I originally heard of Augustana when I was listening to Kidd Kraddick one day. I have since stopped abusing my self in this way but there was the one benefit from it as I heard of this band. They played an acoustic set on his show and I liked the sound of it so I bought the album.

They are now on tour for album number 2 and the tickets were $15.50 so I was all for going to the show. Apparently so were a lot of lesbians and people under 21 as the majority of the people there were underage or rug munchers (affectionately).

The concert opened with an Irish gentleman named Paddy Casey that was a one man guitar show. He was hellishly hard to understand when he talked but he had an awesome voice and did an acoustic cover of "No Diggity" that was great.

Wile Sweet Orange was up next but I don't recommend them. Their instrumental music was great but I couldn't stand the singer and his mike was turned up so loud that all I walked away with was a ringing in my ears.

Augustana is probably best known for their radio hit "Boston" that got a lot of play last year. They did an awesome job and I would recommend them highly. I am pretty sure the lead singer did a couple of lines or some other narcotic before he went on stage because he was constantly adjusting his hat and had a weird habit of smoothing out his hair. Who cares though because the entire band put on a hell of a show. The most amazing thing was how versatile the entire band was musically. They jumped around on instruments, most of them sang, and they looked good while doing it. I would have bought a shirt but it was cash only.

I always like going to the House of Blues and this visit was no exception. If you haven't checked out Augustana, I recommend them for some light listening.

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