Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Concert Series - Flashback

So, I have been talking about all of my concerts this year and thought I would go back and discuss something that happened to me and my HLM, Jessica and Natalee when we had the unfortunate luck of going to a Death Cab for Cutie concert in Houston back in college.

Back in the day we got the opportunity to go see DCFC in Houston at a dive bar. We bought tickets months in advance, drove 11 hours to Houston and stayed at Jessica's parents house. That Saturday, rain hit. Not pouring rain but a drizzle that was consistent and didn't want to stop. We headed for the concert around 5:30 or so and stood outside in an alleyway for over an hour while Mother Nature urinated on us.

Just before the doors were to open we saw movement at the front of the line. Finally, we were going to get inside where there wasn't rain. Yippee. Then disaster struck. Like a game of phone, people began to say that the concert was cancelled. Were they lying as a joke? Was this some plot to move up in line? Could the Gods be that cruel?

SERENITY NOW!!! A transformer blew and the bar had no power. The band could not play. It was like that song "The Day the Music Died." How could this happen? We were cursed. In defeat we had to walk away. It was a cruel world.

We made the best of a bad situation and took in a show at the Houston Improv that had Pablo Francisco and a couple of other no name funny acts. It was enjoyable but disappointment leaves a bad taste in your mouth that even laughter can't get rid of. The car ride back to Lubbock was one filled with disappointment.

This story has a point that will be apparent in my next post.

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Thomas said...

I think I know where this is going & YOU SUCK!