Monday, June 16, 2008

Four!!! the love of Pete

I really broke out of the mold that is my norm and on Friday I went golfing for the first time. A coworker of mine works weekends at a really nice country club here in Frisco called Stonebriar so a few of us from work decided to go shoot 18 holes on Friday.

Let's start this off by saying the only times I have even hit a golf ball were when I went to putt putt, shot that one ball through my neighbors window, and when I have hit golf balls at a range in Midland once. To put it mildly, I was no Tiger Woods.

But, I was invited and a guy I know had a set of clubs I could borrow so Thursday I went to the golfing range by the house and shot some balls, I went and got a hat that I bought for the game but really just wanted, and on Friday I teed off.

Guess what, I'm not that bad. I had a rule to play quickly because being inexperienced and playing when people were right behind you was cruel to others around me. I actually skipped three holes throughout the course of the game just so we could stay ahead. I figured since I was only playing for fun and was just seeing what I could do, it wouldn't hurt to just skip a few.

In the end I shot a 104 with three skipped holes. My highest number was 11 shots, I never made par, and I lost about 4 balls. It was a good day. I played a $200 a round golf course for free, got my own cart, and had a hell of a lot of fun. Who knew?

I have to give my clubs back but after talking to my dad today, he let me know that there was a set in the garage in Midland so all I have to do is buy a putter and some drivers and I will be ready to go again. I think we are going to try to play over the 4th. For a sport I couldn't stand watching on TV as a child, I really enjoyed myself.

That is all,


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erin said...

Who knew?? Although your lingo could use a little work - if you had gone out to play 18 rounds of golf, that would be 324 holes and would probably take a beginner in the neighborhood of ninety hours. Plus a kick-ass brace for multiple parts of your body. But I digress....kudos to you for trying new and exciting things!

Trinity said...

Well, thanks for the correction in lingo. I am knew to this stuff so I went and fixed it.

grammar nazi said...

I appreciate you're attenshun to detail.

(You know how deeply it pains me to type that!!)