Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Concert Series Part 3

Well, the Concert Series continues. We went to see Chicago and the Doobie Brothers on Sunday and this is the first outside event we have been to so far. It was held at Center(Formally Smirnoff Music Center) and it was fairly warm outside.

The opening act was some weird Latin singer who sounded like Enrique Iglesias and Josh Grobin's love child. Not so much. The Doobie Brothers were the middle act and I have to say that they put on a pretty good show. Below is a video of the old ladies who must be die hard Doobie Brothers fans. Sorry for the tilt but I thought I would be able to turn the video and I can't.

One of the more interesting things was the fact that there was a lady that had to have been in her 70's and when the music started, she was up dancing. She started drawing a crowd and it got pretty big. Erin took video but, lets just say Erin is no Spielberg and I didn't want to put it on here for fear people would start getting sick.

Chicago was a slight disappointment. You could say that they weren't "My Inspiration". The initial set was mostly stuff no one knew with a couple of semi-well known songs. They played a few of there hits but decided those had to be mashed together so we would get 2 song mash ups instead of the total song. The encore was the best part because along with the hits, they brought the Doobie Brothers out and started playing with them.

All in all, it was worth the $10 we spent for the tickets.

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3 Ripples in the pond:

erin said...

Apologies once again for my horrific video skills with the digital camera. I signed up for a film class to work on it. keeps you young!

Thomas said...

There vs. their - you might recheck the difference....

Anonymous said...

Hey I was a chicago fan back in my day and went to see a concert with them and they were so stoned they could not even play their instruments. and I drove 8 hrs for that one, never again.
Love Mom-in-law