Thursday, March 08, 2007

Captain America R.I.P.

Well, for those of you who haven't heard, Captain America was killed in issue 25 of his series. While being escorted from prison following his surrender at the end of Marvel's Civil War, a sniper working for Cap's Arch nemesis, the Red Skull, shot him through the chest.

In the commotion, Captain America's girlfriend, Sharon Carter, shot him three times in the stomach. I know, what a bitch. But cut her some slack. She was under the control of the Red Skull at the time. How would you feel if you killed the man you love and had no control over it.

The reason I am writing this post is that this story has hit the media and made a big stink. I was reading some responses to the MSN story and people were saying that killing Captain America was political and unAmerican. That Marvel made a mistake in killing him since we are at war. I have also read people say that this is all a ploy to sell more comics.

To this I say, "No Shit!" That's what Marvel does. It sells comics. And fuck you, public opinion. Your opinion is ridiculous. Almost all of the people who have commented on this story don't even read comics. They weigh in on his death but they don't read. Why the hell do you care? You haven't been reading it. You read the story online and thought, "Well that's unAmerican. They destroyed a symbol of freedom." Bull. People make me so angry. They comment on things that they don't know about and try to make it sound like they care.

You can watch an MSN report on it Here. And an interview with the writer of Captain America, Ed Brubaker Here.

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Thomas said...

In their defense, I read an interview with Joe Q. and in talking about Civil War he said that there were definitely things that mirrored reality (SHRA & the Patriot Act, etc.) and that there were a lot of things to read into Civil War and Cap's death, which I would expect means political allusions. But I really liked Brubaker's interview with that Newsarama site you have linked on your blog - he saw that this was a good area to tell a good story, something different from the norm and with impact, and that if people didn't like it then they didn't have to read it. And I definitely agree that it was a ploy to sell more comics and I am really impressed with how many people are surprised about that! Especially after Marvel chanes costumes and storylines to coinside with their new movies, etc. etc. Somehow people tend to forget this stuff and get their panties in a wad!