Thursday, December 06, 2012

Beer Advent Day 5 - Shiner Blonde

Last nights beer was a Vaughn household staple, Shiner Blonde.  My beer of choice is Shiner Bock but I am pretty friendly with the entire Shiner family of beers.  I am frequently seen with a Shiner Blonde when I want a Shiner with a bit less weight to it. 

I took this pic and then realized Hazel seemed to be really eying my beer.

That caused me to see if Duncan could be tricked into standing on it.

You can't go wrong with Shiner.  All of their beer is delicious and inexpensive and it is locally brewed in Texas so that makes it all the more special.  This beer has a clean flavor and makes very little indigestion when you drink a few too many, which I am known to do. 

Shiner has become fairly common in the last few years so drink some. 

That is all,

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