Saturday, December 01, 2012

Beer Advent Day 1 - Mirror Pond Pale Ale

I'm back Baby! Who knows for how long but enjoy it while you can.

In the time I have been away, I have had many things happen, one of which is that Diana and I decided to begin attending church.  I have never been religious and at times have denied the existence of a God of any kind so for me to actively pursue any type of religion is a major change in protocol.  I tell you all of this to witness to you the greatness that is Advent.  Oh, I mean Beer Advent.

If you are not familiar with the Advent calendar, it is that weird box you see for $1 at most stores and has little windows with candy in them.  You open one each day starting on December 1st and it leads up to the 24th, which is the last day of Advent.  Well, I read this awesome article and it had this amazing idea to do this with beer and I asked Diana to make me a Beer Advent calendar and she rocks and did.

Behold the greatness and mystery of my Beer Advent Calendar.  It is glorious. 

Advent started today so I unwrapped my first beer.  This ended up being a Mirror Pond Pale Ale brewed out of Bend, OR by the Deschutes Brewery.

I don't review beers for much more than, "Did I like the Taste?" and "Would I drink another?"  With that in mind my official opinion is Tastes Good and Yes I would.  I am hit or miss on Pale Ales but this one was crisp but didn't leave a nasty aftertaste in my mouth.

I love my wife for many reasons but the fact that she would go to this much trouble just because I asked her to is very sweet and incredibly awesome of her.   I wonder what Day 2 will be.

That is all,

3 Ripples in the pond:

Erin said...

Your wife really is awesome. Good to hear from Newt.

Doug said...

That is awesome (you rock Diana!). I recently saw a whiskey advent calendar and was very tempted. Happy tasting!

Jen and Mike said...

=)...Love it.