Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"My Precious"

Well, I have been MIA for a few weeks and I bet you are all just so curious as to where the heck I have been. Well, you see, I was given this ring...

It seemed like such a magical afternoon. The sun shined through the trees, I heard a wizard speaking of the power of a ring. An Elvish ring that, if forsaken, could bring an end to a kingdom. I was asked if I took the ring and if I would carry it and I said...I Do.

After taking this ring there was much merriment and dance. The mead flowed as I formed my fellowship. Alas, only I and my faithful companion traveled onward. We crossed land and sea to get to a place to keep the ring safe. A vineyard belonging to a wench named Martha was our abode and we constantly traveled the isle.

Alas, our trip was cut short. An evil which shall be called Jarvis reared its ugly head and I was forced home. Oh, how I miss the isles but I will forever remember her luscious lands.

I am now eternally bonded with the One Ring. Even now it keeps a tight grip on my finger. But I will not falter in my promise.

That is all,

The Ring bearer Newt

6 Ripples in the pond:

Thomas said...

Verily, this twer a good story, Sir Newt! Perchance are you also a king from afar, possibly the Land of Nerd! Methinks it twere so, my good fellow!

Trinity said...

Avast foul cur! I am king of a land far away from here. It is a magical place where wenches are seldom seen and there is indoor plumbing. I rule all manner of dork, dweeb, and trekkie. For on high I am looked upon as...The Non-virgin of the Comic book store.

And I just came up with my next post.

Diana said...

Husband, you are the biggest dork and yet I still love you.

Trinity said...

Thank you, my queen. For you are always welcome in my kingdom.

someone said...

hey congrats on the whole marrying a wench thing.

wait i think i got that mixed up.

oh well, congrats anyways.

Anonymous said...

yah goodfellow, your kingdom is complete. Thus fair maiden has become your queen. Now your castle and kingdom will have harmony and contentment troughout all it's land.