Friday, December 15, 2006

Can I be gay?!?

Do you ever wish you could be gay but just not have the sex? It seems like the perfect scenario. I watch 'How I Met Your Mother' and one of the guys loves those pink drinks w/fruit in them but he can't order them because he looks gay when he does it. So they go to a gay club and he gets to drink his drink without getting judged.

I will make some confessions now. First, I liked High School Musical. Yes I have the soundtrack and I secretly want to go see the show when it comes to Dallas. Yet I won't. I could definably get away with it if I were gay though. Also, I kind of like Celine Dion but I can only listen when she is on the radio(Or in private. Shh, don’t tell).

Also, if I could be gay without the sex, I would finally be able to dance. I think it is part of the gay gene. Another thing, I doubt I would have to ask Diana if my shirt and pants matched if I was gay. And when I go by myself to see 'The Devil Wears Prada' I won't be looked at funny.

Yep, I think being gay would be great as long as I could keep my poop shoot closed. I mean, I have a Hetero-life partner anyway. And yes, I am reading Sex in the City and I am enjoying it.

That is all,


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Thomas said...

Celine Dion... really? That is horrible.... And you would still be made fun of when you went by yourself to see "The Devis Wears Prada" because a 20-something overweight man going to the movies alone is sad and when you are watching Anne Hathaway films, it is even worse. Speaking of her though, I like that you forgot to mention your love for "Ella Enchanted"!

Anne Hathaway said...

I am so proud and honored that you like my movies! And I too think High School Musical rocks!!!! I will pass on the Celine Dion, though. Thanks again.

anne hathaway said...

P.S. By the way, I like fruit sex too!

Trinity said...

Anne? Don't Go. I mildly adore you. And yes, Ella Enchanted was magical.

erin said...

Be proud to be yourself, Trin, whoever that may be!

Geez, I'm kinda bugging myself with all these positive thoughts and constant enthusiasm.

Who else misses college at this precise moment (i.e. in the month-off-for-the-holidays phase with classes far behind you)?

the gay community said...

Trin, hon, your too U-L-G-Y to be gay, girlfriend. UUUUHHHHMMMM.
(imagine fingers snapping in a zig-zag motion)

Plus your not a metro-sexual.

Maybe your just bi.

webster dictionary said...

It's "you're" bi, a contraction of you and are, and not the possessive your. Thank you for your time and attention.

andrew llyod weber said...

i wish i were queer, so i could get chicks.