Sunday, March 02, 2008

Truth be told...

Are you a good person? There has been recent controversy over that new show 'The Moment of Truth' on Fox. The show takes a person and submits them to a lie detector. If you lie, you loose everything and half a million dollars is on the line. As you are asked questions, the amounts go up. More money equals harder questions.

The hype was due to a woman that was on whose answers revealed her to have slept with someone other than her husband during her marriage, said she has taken her wedding ring off to appear single, believes she isn't supposed to be married to her husband, and blames her husband for her lack of close friends. The kicker here is she lost the game when she was asked if she thought she was a good person and answered "Yes" but it was detected as a lie.

I love the irony that she lost on such a seemingly simple question...or is it? Have you ever really sat down and thought about if you were a good person or not? At first, I would have said an easy yes, but then I started making the mental good/bad list. This is when the grey areas started to pop up.

What would happen to you if you were put under a lie detector and asked that question? Would you answer quickly? Would you doubt your answer? I think I might.

I haven't killed anyone, don't steal...anymore, haven't cheated, and don't have much ill will towards people. But, then again, I am no saint. I hide stupid purchases from my wife, I can be manipulative and selfish, I don't do much for charity and I have a mean streak that bares its ugly head when I get angry. I think that if anyone looks into themselves they will find certain things they don't like about themselves. The main thing is to never be delusional about who you are.

Going back to the lady on the show, she said she thought she was a good person but her body said otherwise. Did she try to rationalize her answer and it got her in trouble? Maybe, but at the end of the show she had alienated her parents, ruined her marriage and got judged on television...and she still thought she was a good person. Even I am not that naive.

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your self-esteem said...


I think that you are a good person.

And I Love You!

With Love,
Your Self-Esteem

Thomas said...

Your self-esteem is as deluded as you are... :)