Saturday, March 01, 2008

4 More Years

It may not surprise anyone, but being Newt the Wonder Frog means loving things that have to do with leaping. I plan on buying my kid a Leapster, my favorite game is Leap Frog, and I always look before I leap. Yesterday was a day right in my pond because it was a Leap Day.

To celebrate the elusive day that hasn't occurred since 2004 I started a new tradition that I will try to remember to that I started when 2012 rolls around, the Annual Leap Year Party. We celebrated last night with other Leap Year fiends by getting our drink on, snacking on some tasty grub, and ended the night with some Karaoke and a little Guitar Hero. I am surprisingly coordinated on the Guitar when I am inebriated.

I went so far as to purchase the letters you can get to build your own banners. We had 'February 29th' and '4 More Years' up on the walls. I love when I have parties at the house because it means I don't need a designated driver. However the wife, the dogs and anyone who sticks around after my 5th drink and a shot of SoCo probably isn't as appreciative of that perk.

Update I got an update from Diana on what I had missed at the party. Apparently, sex was had in our downstairs bathroom during the party and we had one girl throw up in the same bathroom. Kinda gross but, hey, it's a party. It's times like these I wished I had a better grasp on reality during the party.

Happy Leap Year Everybody.

That is all,


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