Monday, June 11, 2007

I do know why I didn't come...'cause I was at a concert

Whoohooooooo!!!! I just finished watching Norah Jones live in concert at Nokia Theatre. What an awesome show.

The show started at 7:30 and she and her opening act, which was a solo guitarist, came out and performed three songs together. This goes to show you that some times it is a good idea to show up to a concert for the opening act. Then she left the stage and let the opener, a guy named M.Ward from Portland, get to it. He was very talented but his music was a little slow and melodic. You can check him out here.

Norah came on with her band, The Handsome Band, around 8:30 and played a good hour and a half. She mostly played her new album, which I have yet to listen to. So I wasn't familiar with the songs. She mixed in a few of her older stuff to keep the flow. She has an awesome voice which is great live. She encored with "Don't know why" and ended with a Willie Nelson cover. Great stuff.

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2 Ripples in the pond:

Thomas said...

I didn't know you hadn't ever heard of M.Ward. He performed at Austin City Limits with Connor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and Jim James (My Morning Jacket) a couple of years back and he was really good. He also sings on some of both of their albums. Have you ever heard anything from My Morning Jacket?

Trinity said...

I have heard of them but havent listened to them.