Monday, June 04, 2007

Bounty - The Quilted Quicker Sucker Upper

What the hell is with Bounty? I swear, how the hell much more absorbent can it really get? Every time I turn around I hear or see another commercial about how great Bounty is. Well, la di Freakin' Da!!!

You realize where this absorbency craze is headed, don't you? Soon, we will be buying wash cloths on a roll. In an effort to get more absorbency out of each individual sheet, we will be buying rolled up sponges. How would you like for a trickle of water to find that on the counter. It's a fudgin' paper towel. When did we start needing our Brawny to act as a wash cloth when we do the dishes? I need it to wipe Cheetos dust on, not wash my car.

One day you will turn around and the paper towel market is going to be taken over. And the revolution shall be led by this guy. ---->

That is all,


5 Ripples in the pond:

Thomas said...

Bounty or Brawny?

Trinity said...

If you are asking which I prefer, I must admit that I am a Bounty Man. My favorite paper towel is actually Viva because it is soft enought to be a tissue if you need it.

the brawny guy said...

i like peanuts!

Trinity said...

Who doesn't?

the brawny guy said...

wait, there was a typo.

my first post should have read, "i like nuts!"

sorry about the confusion.