Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fly me to the moon...or Lubbock

This afternoon, I journeyed to the land of plenty, Lubbock, Texas. I came for a recruiting event and anytime that I fly to Lubbock or Midland, I sit at Love Field and look around for anybody that I know. This is especially true when I fly for recruiting because the chances of someone my age going for the same reason is much more likely.

The reason behind this is that I hate running into people that I vaguely know. This includes former classmates, coworkers, and church members. Actually, that last one is just talk as I can no longer step into a Holy Temple for fear of my skin bursting aflame.

Anyhow, one such occasion occurred today. I was sitting and reading a book when a girl that I had a couple of classes with walked around the corner of the airport. In cases like these, I would normally just hide behind my book or not make eye contact in hopes of avoiding that awkward conversation that always follows seeing people you semi-know ?

She recognized me, however, which caused a small conversation, which causes me mild discomfort. Here are the things I remember about this girl. She was bubbly in class, not incredibly stupid, very friendly, and she is a Christian. I actually forgot her name and I guess she forgot mine too because she threw in a “I’m Jennifer, in case you didn’t remember.” Luckily, she got a call from a friend who just found out she was pregnant and I was immediately forgotten.

I can’t think that I am alone on this. Does anyone else find it unbearable to try to have a conversation with a person you care nothing about? Am I expected to save her a seat on the plane? I hope not because I instead sat next to an elderly woman that smelled like sour cream.

That is all,


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erin said...

Don't look for these people. Bury your nose in a good book and ignore those all around you.

Let me know how the Safran Foer book is. I borrowed it from friends last Christmas and have yet to read it. So much for my advice about burying your nose in a good book.

Anonymous said...

Is that all you ever think about is less conversation....If you knew these ppl in high school or from work aren't you being a little self centered....Maybe she wouldn't have started a conversation if she would have thought you where not going to start one with her did you ever think about that Newt?????Why don't you grow up and learn that just because it was ppl you knew in school or at work they may still not like you.....That is all...UnNewt friendly

Trinity said...

Anonymous. Kiss my ass. First of all, your grammar is atrocious. Second. If you are too chicken shit to put a name to your comment, then I discount anything you have to say. Go back to school and come and see me when you can write correctly.

Kristy said...

I cannot stop laughing about the elderly lady that smelled like sour cream!