Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving is a pain in the ass

FYI: It sucks to move. Since my old lady went and got herself knocked up we decided we didn't have much of a choice though, so to make room for our little bundle of joy we put our house on the market. I mean, I could have given up my comic book room but, come on, we all know that isn't happening.

I spent a couple of weeks, with the help of both mine and Diana's dad, updating our house and a For Sale sign went up in the yard. We saw a lot of action in the first week and after 10 days had accepted an offer. I think I might be spoiled on real estate because when we bought this place it was super easy and now selling it was too. We made enough cash for the down payment on a new place and as of today we now have an offer accepted on a new home.

Come May 14th we will hopefully be moving a little bit north of our current home and taking up residence in the house we will raise our kids in. With that we have started packing. God I hate packing. It is the worst experience because essentially you just take all your crap you never use and move it to somewhere else. You also are forced to do without things while they are in boxes. So far we have packed up the study, the living room's miscellaneous artifacts, and some dishes.

I have to go visit with an inspector on Thursday to make sure nothing is wrong with our new abode and then we can start getting our paperwork ready.

One of the funny things about selling this house is that the buyer is a fellow comic book collector. Since this is the case he has asked me to walk him through the house and get together to talk comics while he is here. Kind of odd but I am looking forward to it. He claims he has more comics than I do so I want to challenge that while he is here.

Oh the joys of real estate.

That is all,


4 Ripples in the pond:

Addy's Daddy said...

So, perhaps your comic book art and statues prompted them to buy your house more than if it weren't there.

Trinity said...

Oh, absolutely. And the need to find a reason to buy a new TV soon. The wall in the new house will just look ridiculous with this tiny TV on it.

Lizz said...

It wasn't just your girl's fault she got knocked up its about 53% yours too. :P
Congrats, Trinity!

Girl Interrupted said...

What do you mean it's a pain in the ass??? Don't you have bubble wrap????

Hope the move goes smoothly ;)