Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Womanizing the blogosphere

It is slowly becoming apparent that the blog world is predominately female. When I started blogging I was in my own little world where me and my friends all blogged and had a little click. In the last year that click has grown exponentially and this is when it came to my attention that blogging is like volleyball, men play it but it is overrun by ladies.

I have considered that the blogosphere might be more even then I think but haven't been able to prove it. For every male blogger I find, there seem to be ten women ones. So, I did an experiment. Using the "Next Blog" button at the top of the screen I hit it 10 times and here is what came up.

Blog one was a mother writing about her kid.
Two was about an English woman writing about the trials and tribulations of having MS.
Blog three was about Merideth Boyd and her husbands photography business.
Quatro involved articles about prostate cancer.
Blog five focused on a child with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.
Six was in a different language but it looked girly.
Seven is about the life of a teacher named Joye.
Eight was the first one I found written by a man and it is all about asexuality.
Nine has something to do with Photoshop and Wikipedia. Not sure what though but it was written by a woman.
And the final blog was by someone named Kate.

So, in total there were 7 that were written by woman, 1 by a man, 1 for health purposes that are male related so probably also by men, and the final one needed translation.

So I have to ask, "Where my bros at?" I actually read a few blogs by men but there are not frequented with as many posts as women. Is it because there are stay at home moms that write? Or single women that like to discuss going out? Or does having a family make woman want to write about their adventures? I don't know.

I have seen a subculture of blogs that are just written for families to keep up with what is going on with their kin. My parents have been known to keep up with me using this blog so I understand how helpful that can be. But where are the male bloggers? And can anyone recommend some.

That is all,


5 Ripples in the pond:

Judearoo said...

Try Jimmy Bastard (http://nevermindthebollix.blogspot.com/); he is brilliant.


Erin said...

In general I'm just going to say the females are better sharers. Hence the higher number of female bloggers. I follow a few guys, but they either write about food or D.C. adventures, so I'm really not sure how interested you'd be in following.

Simon said...

It just seems to be that women prefer writing – whether about themselves, their families, work or whatever. Men tend to have less interest, or are more lazy; I’m not sure which.

When I started blogging, at another site, I found pretty much the same there. Not ten to one perhaps, but men were certainly in the minority. The gap was even greater with the younger age groups: there were hardly any teenage boys blogging, but a lot of girls.

Trinity said...

Judearoo - Thanks, I will keep track of that. I liked his writing style.

Erin - you are right. I doubt food is as interesting to me as it is to you.

Simon - An abundance of teenage girls writing sounds about right. They normally can't stop talking so they found an outlet to put their ideas into.

Soda and Candy said...

I think women are just naturally oversharers.

Also we have more to say than men, and we can pretend someone's listening if we are writing it down and putting it out into the world.

My blogroll has some awesome boy blogs on it though: The Gravel Farm, I'm not Benny, The Time Crook, Meditations in an Emergency, A Crown of Thistles, The Monster Apathy and Words... Words... Words just to name a few!!!