Thursday, January 07, 2010

Her Name was Lola!

Oh My God!!!! Star Sighting. Tuesday night something magical happened. I met Lola Lakely.

Living in Dallas gives me a lot of opportunities. One of those is that I am in a hub city that offers a lot of options for companies that need to have corporate functions. It is really common for people to fly in staff to come to meetings and that is how I met the real life Lola.

She arrived in Dallas on Tuesday night and Diana and I went to her hotel and had drinks and we all got to know one another. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. Earlier in the day she told me she didn't know what I looked like so I sent her a picture via my camera phone. When she told me she was on her way down, butterflies were moving around. Should I hug her? Would she meet my expectations? Would it be awkward?

Well, no worries were to be had because not only did Lola hug both me and Diana, she is also exactly as I imagined her and cuter than I thought she would be.

It is a weird sensation meeting someone that you almost know. With blogging there is a point where you consistently read about someone to the point where you consider them a friend and yet you haven't really met that person so it almost isn't real. More than once during the night we looked at each other and said, "This is so crazy."

I don't think I got the whole Lola Lakely experience because the night ended with no one drunk, no crazy stories, and a relatively small bar tab but all of her work people were out and about and it was a Tuesday. The most awesome thing about it is I get to see her again in two weeks when I go to New Jersey for work. To go from never meeting to seeing each other twice in a month is a pretty crazy turn of events.

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mysterg said...

You lucky lucky bastard!

Although are you sure this was Lola? This sounds like a sober imposter!

Oh and Lola, I've missed you, we need to have a geek chat soon...

astraliving said...

hmnnn... who is lola lakely?

Lola Lakely said...

I read this twice, I was so flattered! Thanks for the adorable write-up! And it was such fun meeting you and Diana.

P.S. I should have invited you guys back for the game last night. Apparently after my presentation, I decided it would be great fun to frequent all of the bars at the Gaylord, while drinking outrageous amounts of wine, vodka, and blue moon. My stomach is very angry at me today.

Can't wait for Muppets and MP! ;)

Soda and Candy said...

Ha, I met some people I only knew from commenting on a blog in Australia once, it was totally bizarre.

Also, Lola is a fabulous name even if it isn't really her name.
; )

Trinity said...

Mysterg - I was lucky and she was on good behavior. Don't worry though, she was back to her old self by saturday.

astra - follow the link to discover the greatness of Lola.

S&C - i think Lola is the name she should have been given when she was born. It fits well.

Lola - I can't wait for the show either. I am reading Mary Poppins to prepare.

Maryx said...


Jeanette said...

I'm so jealous! Stupid living in Michigan. It gets me nothing!

Girl Interrupted said...

:O you and Lola met??? I don't know who to be more envious of!!!

Small bar tab? Tsk, tsk ... must try harder!