Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not the face, Not the Face

I have been taking more fruit in my lunches lately and every time I go to eat a peach, all I want to do is hurl it at someone. While this in and of itself is disturbing, the main thing this brings to mind is a random question. If you had to, would you rather be hit in the face by a peach, a banana or a kiwi?

Please state your reasons.

That is all,


6 Ripples in the pond:

Addy's Daddy said...

I think a kiwi. They are usually softer and smaller than a peach and with a banana, you run the risk of getting the stem in your eye! YOWCH!

erin said...

Definitely not the peach - that pit in the middle gives it some solid weight and potential for injury.

Kiwi is tempting due to the size and lack of pit, but I'm going to have to go with banana - odds are it's a little tricker to get an accurate aim in with that curved fruit, and it might just miss your head completely.

Caveat - all of my answers depend on the degree of ripeness of the fruit in question. And from how far away the fruit is hurled.

this is one dumb fucking question said...

i would go with the banana

being how it would be in some state of peeled-ness, if not fully peeled at least halfway.

Diana said...

I am also going to go with the kiwi. It is by far the softest of the three.

Trinity said...

I am surprised at these answers. I personaly can't imagine being hit by a banana, The sharp edges can do too much damage.

The kiwi is small so the area of damage would be minimal so I can see the appeal, but if you throw something, no matter the size, it is still going to hurt even if it is small.

The peach I see splattering on impact so I think the physics of it would cause it to leave a mark but not a bad one.

erin said...

You must be eating some really mushy peaches. Ewwww.