Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Goon

I need to make a recommendation to anyone who reads comics or likes slightly perverse humor. I picked up a new graphic novel of a comic book called The Goon. It is about this strongman who runs the crime in a small town and aided by his foul mouthed sidekick, Frankie, he rules the city.

Now this may not sound funny but here are some of the things the Goon encounters.
1. The Goon fights a scientist that accidentally covered himself in gold and his name is Dr. Alloy. He is misunderstood because all he wants is people to eat his creamed corn.
2. The Goon battles the Zombie King and his horde of slack jaws. Mostly by running over them and setting them on fire.
3. The Goon gets turned into a giant gorilla and fights a giant lizard that only speaks Spanish. Not sure what the lizard says but he says it loud.

Also added in is a random retelling of "A Christmas Story" with the Goon and crew as the characters, a man who is the opposite of the Zombie who is named the Buzzard and feeds on zombie flesh to stay alive, and flashbacks of the Goon in his life in the circus.

I was surprised by how good this book has been. I am going to get to meet the creator, Eric Powell when I go to Seattle this weekend. I recommend everyone go to their favorite books store to pick this up. I know you won't but at least I tried.

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