Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's a case of taken Identity

My credit card number was stolen and used over the weekend. Yes, you read correctly. I am a victim of credit card theft. I was notified of an odd charge on Saturday and by Monday I was cancelling the card because of a couple thousand dollars in charges.

Everything seems like it is going to be fixed smoothly so I am not worried. I don't exactly know how the number was taken but needless to say, I love Wells Fargo because they notified me over a $9.95 charge to a online book club and I still don't understand how they were able to pick out that charge as fraudulent.

I have decided that I wish I were a credit card thief. You get to buy all sorts of junk that you don't pay for and if your smart you don't get caught. The only downside is you have to have planned out all your purchases because you only get a two or three day window to buy everything.

I have heard from people that this process is a pain in the ass to fix, but so far I can't complain. I made three phone calls and I think I got it handled. I do have to wait for a new credit card but that's not a big deal. It is just a hassle I wasn't expecting to deal with. That's life for you.

That is all,

Newt(or is it)

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Mom-in-law said...

Did they tell you what your new card holder bought, when we were in Canada our card got a new owner also. He went a bought two nice new winter coats, new boots,liquor and then went and had diner at Red Lobster, and did this all while taking a cab. Oh I forgot and 4 new tires for a truck. I guess thats why the cab! Truck had no tires.

Trinity said...

I did get that info. Mr. E, as I like to call him, bought a book club membership, 2 $1 charges to Yahoo, a movie ticket, and 2 purchases to Travelux for over $2500.