Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The devil you say?

I had a random thought last night and ran it by my wife, but now I am going to pose it to you. I am hoping that we can turn this into a giant argument so be prepared that whatever stance is taken, I will immediately take the opposite.

The question I have is...

If a nun and a priest ever had a child would it be ultimately good or ultimately evil?

Be prepared to defend your position. Talk amongst yourselves.

That is all,


3 Ripples in the pond:

Thomas said...

For someone who is not religious, & definitely not Catholic, this is a strange question. Assuming that we are Catholic, the child would be a bastard & an abomination since neither of it's parents are even allowed to marry, much less have sex. However, though the child was produced by an evil act & both parents would need to confess & repent (to a different priest, obviously), we as Catholics believe that salvation comes from grace & works - it would be up to the child & how it chooses to live it's life on whether it would be good or evil!

Trinity said...

Cmon you wuss. That isn't an answer. Clearly it would be pure evil. If two of the holiest figureheads in religion were to both break their vows and produce a child, it would become the antichrist. I thought that was apparent. It would probably walk out of the womb and take over the Vatican.

Mom-in-law said...

Not being Catholic but a person who believes in the Lord our father. I think that if a nun and a priest did have a baby that baby would be loved like any other baby brought into this world and how it would be rasied is the ? if the child would be an angel or devil, thats my thoughts on the matter.