Monday, August 02, 2010

Facing the facts

Fact: everyone you know is on Facebook.
Fact: I am not on Facebook which means the above fact is not a fact.
Fact: I am now on Facebook which means fact one is now true and fact two is no longer a fact.

I gave in to the powers of Facebook today. Why? A few reasons. I am not a large fan of the social network and can proudly say I never had a MySpace account, Sorry Tom, but Facebook has become more and more of a factor in everyday life. My kickball team organizes through it and then emails the nonconformists, people no longer have real conversations which causes my wife to ask me all the time why such and such is doing something and I am left not knowing what she is talking about, and even my local comic shop is on it and gave away Scott Pilgrim sneak peek passes and I didn't know about it.

The final straw came yesterday when I was prepping the invite for the 3nd annual White Trash Bash. I needed a few emails and didn't have them. which meant I had to go to Diana's Facebook account and sending the invite through there. More and more I am being forced to use it and I am finally tired of pushing against a wave.

So, if you want to be my friend on Facebook, I can now be found by searching Trinity Vaughn. I am probably going to regret this later but I guess for now I am tired of walking and will be catching a ride on the bandwagon.

That is all,


6 Ripples in the pond:

Erin said...

About time. I look forward to your nonsensical status updates.

Also, thanks for not even bothering to invite me to the party. I realize we have some serious miles between us, but the gesture would have been nice.

Erin said...

Are there koozies this year, too??

Trinity said...

Well, since you are coming in to town this weekend, I just assumed you couldn't come so I didn't want you to get forlorn thinking about people having fun and you not being able to participate. This year we got keychains.

Erin said...

Sigh, you're right - thank you for trying to save me from sadness. I'm going to optimistically go ahead and RSVP for White Trash Bash 2011, though, just to feel better.

Addy's Daddy said...

In that first part there you sounded like Dwight!

Lola Lakely said...

Ohhhhh, me! Me! I want to be friends with you on the book we call face!