Saturday, July 12, 2008

Music drives me crazy

Last night we had a crazy evening which involved our CD collection. I know that a lot of people have started using iTunes and buying all of their albums online and, while I do that occasionally, I still like to have the actual CD from a store.

About a year ago, we went and bought one of those CD Binders that we put all of our CDs in so we don't have to have the cases laying everywhere. Well, Diana got the idea in her head that it was time to put all of the CDs that we have recently accumulated into our CD binder. That's when the trouble started.

It began with her going around collecting all of the CDs from the cars and rooms in the house. The first problem...we went to a Bright Eyes concert about 8 or 9 months ago and when Diana wasn't looking, I bought a CD and hid it in my car. She didn't want me spending money at the time so I was trying to be sneaky. Well, I hid it in my truck and forgot about it and I heard her yelling from the garage, "Dammit Trinity, you have a CD in here that you haven't even opened." I was caught red handed and had forgotten I committed a crime. Whoops.

Well, she sat on the floor and pulled all of the CDs out of their cases and started to put them in their places when I decided to join her. She looked down when it was time to put in a Ben Folds album and asked me, "Do you only have the 3 Ben Folds CDs?" Well, I have 5 and after looking, we couldn't find 2 of them. Then, we noticed that our first John Mayer album was missing. And Diana couldn't find the latest Dixie Chicks Cd. It was starting to look like we had lost some of our music.

This prompted me to have to get the box of CD cases out of the attic and the two of us opened every case and compared it to the binder. About 3/4 of the way through, we were missing 5 CDs. I were starting to get worried because I knew that I hadn't been using them. As Diana got up to get something from the kitchen, I looked up and right in front of me was the CD player.

Little side note: Diana puts CDs on as she is house cleaning. I hit the open button and sure enough, there were the majority of the missing CDs. Yet, still we were missing Ben Folds. So we continued our search. We went through all of the cases and they were still missing. So then we had to give up and Diana started putting the last of the CDs in the sleeves.

Diana and I have had issues with spelling before but she must have been really off yesterday because she had a hard time finding the Ben Folds albums because I had hidden them under F. They weren't the Ben Folds Five albums so I stuck them in alphabetically. Who'd a thunk?

The frustration that was beamed towards my wife last night was momentous. No CDs were missing and I felt like the last hour of my life was wasted.

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