Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bowling On a Wednesday

Well last night was the kick off party to start our Bowling league at work. I have been trying to get a Wednesday league together and the bowling alley we are having it at let us have free bowling night to try to generate interest.

It didn't work. I only had 20 or so people say that they were even coming and when 7 o'clock rolled around, it was only about 10. This thing has become a losing battle. I try and try but no one seems to care. People keep dropping out of the league and while I hoped to have about 4 teams, I ended up with maybe two.

But I am still hopeful. I bought my own bowling shoes last week and I plan on showing up next Wednesday for week 1 of our tournament. At the end of it, we will all get a free Bowling ball.

That is all,


PS, starting tomorrow Thomas and I will have up to the minute(or more likely day) coverage of Wizard World Texas 2006

4 Ripples in the pond:

Diana said...

I'm sorry I can't be in your bowling league!

Thomas said...

Two things:

1) I have tried to get Jess to do a bowling league to no avail... if I were in DFW, I would so join!

2) You bought bowling shoes for something that you probably won't be doing for so long. I think that might be misconstrued as a waste of money...

Trinity said...

Actually, The cost of bowling shoes each times you bowl is around $4. Our league is 12 weeks. I spent $25 for the shoes I bought so in conclusion I saved $23 over the course of the league and will never have to rent shoes again.

nat said...

I'm so glad you bought your own shoes sticking you feet in used bowling shoes every week might not be the best think.